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My friends are amazing. They inspire me in lots of ways. Travel adventures included.

When at a group gathering and my friends get to talking about their “worldly experiences” and “travel memories”, I’m the one just nodding my head and making the odd noise but not saying much (which for a natural born talker says a lot). I’m embarrassed, and I feel like a kid at the grown-ups table with nothing to offer – so I sit there and keep quiet, leaving them to share their experiences in an area where I have...none!

Because I am yet to decide where my travel adventures will be, I have asked these dear friends of mine, due to the fact that they know me well, and know what I like, where they would suggest I travel, and why.

Welcome to “Friendspiration” – no doubt, my friends’ adventures will not only inspire me to keep on track with my commitment but whet your travel appetite as well! 

Caro x

 friend PROFILE:

Name: Mark Borton

Age: 30

Star sign: Pisces

Place of abode: Southbank, Melbourne

How many places in the world have you traveled to in the last 5 years: 14

Job: Marketing Promotions and Events Manager, Australian Grand Prix Corporation 

Describe yourself in 3 words: Outgoing, inquisitive, adventurous

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