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And so this is Christmas, and what have you done...?

Probs about time I got to writing a blog, I mean it’s been months. Totes professional blogger up in hurr…

For the last few months I’ve just been trying to keep up with myself, let alone having the time to document/discuss life’s craziness, and so here I sit, attempting to look back at the last few months and dig up a couple of loltastic occasions to share and really, I got nothing – or at least nothing more than any other person to discuss! Those moments have come and gone and I've totally forgotten about them!

I wake up, I sometimes work out if I can be bothered, I go to work, I see friends and family, I moonlight as an MC and a TV Presenter, I work along side and get to represent amazing charities and brands I love supporting, wearing, using, and all the while I’m just busy being, well, human and fantastically flawed.

Same as all of us.

Thing is, there is nothing so amazing about us individually that gives any human being the right to think they matter more than another. Yet, there are amazing individuals doing amazing things everywhere.

If there was one thing I take away from 2018, it’s that yes, people are ‘busy’ these days. Yes some of it is ‘superficial busy’, but man oh man, some of it is life changing busy. I look at the volunteers at charity events I’ve been to, I look at wonder women who have built brands from nothing but a passion and a dream and they exist to make other women happy. I look at my friends with children whose lives became entirely selfless the moment the little sprog came into the world...

So many amazing individuals giving goodness back into the worlds they live in, cause let’s never forget, we all have our own little worlds and if we are lucky, from time to time they collide, but we never really know what’s going on in other’s worlds for real, unless we engage in real life.

So, for 2019 my goal is…real life engagement and I hope you’ll join me!

Lot’s of exciting things on the radar for 2019. I feel like collectively, or at least for myself and those around me, 2018 was a bit of a battler year. Unsettling, a little rough around the edges…and so I hope for all of us, we head into 2019 with a positive mindset in place to have a ripper year coming.

That is my Christmas wish for us all!

Love Caro x





Posted: Thursday 6 December 2018

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