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On Ya Bike!

People, I love them. Every single person we meet has walked an entirely different path in life to get them to that particular moment where we ‘meet’ and share time. When you think of it like that, it’s pretty magical right!?

That’s why I was so excited about the opportunity to Co-Present ‘People on Bikes’ - A new television format that’s airing its last episode of ten, this Sunday. TV1, 4pm.

It had been a while since I’d a) ridden a bike and b) presented on the telly, so it’s safe to say I was fairly nervous about both. I mean no one wants to be that tit that falls off her bike on television while trying to remember her lines!

I’m proud to say, not once did I fall off. It was a joy to be involved in a format that allowed viewers to see what they could do to make the most of our stunning Country on 2 wheels, and for me and my role it was being able to meet Families, Politian’s, Celebrities, Cancer Survivors, and spend time with friends in the name of ‘work’. All had inspiring and funny stories as to why they found joy and freedom on a bike.

It’s funny as over the years people have often asked/told me “Why aren’t you on the telly? You need to get back on the telly.” The question made me grateful that I was able to start my ‘working life’ straight after high school on a TV show as fun and fabulous as ‘What Now?’ it was and is, such a loved format. I’ve auditioned for a few things these past years and been told by Producers and Directors at the time that I nailed it yet I continued to get the same feedback over and over – “You’re great, but you’re not relatable enough or ‘Mumsy’ enough (yip, those were the exact words), despite the fact you are the age we need you to be. You’re a bit too sassy" bla bla bla you get the point…
Tone it down, be ‘less’ and have kids.
– All of which, I won’t/don’t do or have.

Potentially, therein lies one of the reasons as to why I haven’t been on TV much lately (along with the fact that there are better TV Presenters out there obvs!) Do we all have to be experiencing the exact same thing to be able to understand, like, respect and enjoy each other? It made me incredibly frustrated that these decisions were being made for viewers let alone hit after hit to my ego haha! It’s basically saying to New Zealanders – here, have a look at the same people, doing the same thing. People who you’ll love because they hopefully won’t upset or tip your personal status quo, heaven forbid you as a viewer get exposed to something that isn’t the same as what’s going on in your life. How about – hey you, in front of your telly, have a look at all sorts of people doing all sorts of things, some are Mums, some are not, some do sports, some don’t, some have suffered, some haven’t, some are big, some are small, some are brown, some are white, some are serious, some are awkward, some are witty…

So, you can imagine my gratitude and glee when ‘People on Bikes’ came up. It was fun, it was energetic, I got to wear awesome clothes by my favourite NZ designers (disclaimer; you don’t have to wear lycra on a bike!) and it was encouraging people to get outdoors, away from their devices and to try something they may not have tried before, or for a long time at least. It was hearing stories from interesting, dynamic individuals about their lives and being inspired.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the series as much as we all enjoyed making it for you! If you’ve missed any episodes, they can be viewed at TVNZ On Demand.

They say life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving…here’s to forward momentum, freedom and being exactly who we are, ‘normal’ or not!


Caro x

Posted: Friday 5 October 2018

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