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Talent vs. Vanity and talent wins.

Another glorious New Zealand Fashion Week come and gone. Sigh (reaches for pizza. Thanks 2017 for the memories. Of course this particular blog wouldn’t be a legit recap without mentioning the designers I had on my back during the week.

The week is so much more fun and fabulous when you know you are wearing what (and who) you are inspired by. You walk differently, you feel like you can take on any photog lurker/awkward social scenario that you may find yourself bang smack in the middle of and well, it really is a true that ‘fashion is the armour to survive the reality of every day life’! Thanks Bill Cunningham for that quote, and thank you Wilson Trollope (Annabelle Wilson) and Amber Whitecliffe for the ‘armour’ – I clearly have a thing for superwomen brunette designers and awesome individuals with the initials “AW”!

I’ll leave the show-by-show-minute-by-minute-outfit-by-outfit-who’s-who rundown of this year’s NZFW to the full time fashion bloggers – but me? I want to talk about awesome individuals who have so much passion and creative blood running through their veins that fashion isn’t just about ‘clothes’ or ‘outfits’ or ‘who’s wearing it better’ it’s about art, design and care and it’s inspired and created just for us!

Now that is pretty cool. And, it takes guts. In such a competitive market I can’t even image how tough it must be.

I know for a fact that I love wearing clothes but I also know that there is no way I could even begin to design something from scratch and get it to a point where it was something that others adored and wanted to wear because it made them feel great. That is what I love about Fashion Week – the opportunity for those designers out there to show off and showcase their talent to us mere ‘choose our outfits daily just so we’re not naked’ mortals.

During a week that can in moments, be a tad vacuous, it’s a wonderful reminder that the whole point of such an event is to showcase talent and passion and art. I am forever counting my ‘fashion blessings’ that I get to know such wonderful designers, but not only that, wonderful individuals who wake up each day with a purpose to design ‘happiness’ in the form of garments for people like us. It’s very cool. And yes, when wearing their creations, it does make me walk like I think I’m Beyoncé. Isn’t that the whole point of fashion? To wear what we want, and what makes us feel like we can take on each day the best we can?

So vanity aside, who wore what aside, who’s cooler than who aside, Fashion Week is a special reminder that little old New Zealand really does have the best of the best when it comes to fashion and design, and it’s something to be darn proud of.

In a world where armour is quite literally needed in some parts just to survive, we are incredibly lucky to have a week dedicated to armour of the ‘fabric’ kind that we can enjoy and wear in life for no other reason than, because we can and because it has the ability to make us feel that little bit more… somethin’ somethin’ (snaps fingers, does hair flick, spins around, walks off with a smile…)

Caro x

Posted: Tuesday 5 September 2017

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