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Holy shit. It’s the 6th month of the year. And it’s winter. Both of those facts do not make me happy.

I used to be a real ‘goal setter’ and yes, New Years Resolutions fell into that which I realise, makes a lot of people ‘eye roll’ (my husband included.) I know that although resolutions and goals are generally just statements that without action are a waste of paper, there was something about writing them down that meant action was taken and so usually by mid-year I was patting myself on the back for the accomplishments so far as opposed to having a minor panic about general lack of achievement and direction in life come June.

2016 really didn’t help matters in that it was so friggen awesome and therefore almost impossible to back up, but 2017 has so far, out of all my years on the planet, been the one that’s gone by the fastest and during that speed of light  time travel, not much has shifted from January to now!

Don’t get me wrong, life on a daily basis is lovely and normal, and I guess it’s in that ‘normality’ that something feels a little off.

I haven’t been working towards something, planning for anything, dreaming about anything specific that I can make happen; I’ve just been really enjoying the day to day nature of life. I get there is nothing wrong with that either and in reality, despite what social media suggests in all its snapshots of perfection, life is normal for the majority of us. We get up, we go to work, we exercise, we catch up with family and friends, have weekends away, do things we love, we eat, sleep, poo (in no particular order) and start again the next day.

There’s got to be more to life? (It must be a true statement, there’s a song about it.)

The years come, the years go, each and every one of us grow up, get older and wiser and more awesome and in that time, what makes a life extraordinary as opposed to ordinary?

I think, speaking for myself (as that’s the only person I can speak for), setting goals and resolutions is the first step in creating a life less ordinary. Why? Because you are giving yourself a ‘life benchmark’ and you’re also giving yourself a reason to act. A reason to do.

Thank you June for being here, and although I’m not ready to admit that almost half of 2017 is already over, and that we are heading into the cold months which I loathe, you have reminded me that life sometimes needs a kick in the butt. Last time I checked, things that you don’t plan or work towards, don’t just land on your doorstep so I guess it’s time for any of us who may be feeling a little bit behind at this point in the year, to pull finger and really think about what we’d like to fill the second half of this wonderful year WITH.

Tell me your goals, I’m all for some inspo over here!

Love Caro x

Posted: Thursday 1 June 2017

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