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*The art of selfie development*

I found myself recently wishing I’d payed far more attention to Kim Kardashian “Selfie Seminars” online.

I was put under extreme selfie taking pressure and let me tell you, my lack of selfie ability really let me down. Don’t get me wrong, I take selfies but if you see one anywhere on my social media, trust me, it’s the best one of hundreds and even then there’s a guarantee it’s fairly average!

I’m a massive fan of the TV show “Suits” I mean it’s quality TV, a ‘dramady’ so they call it – a lovely mix of both drama and comedy – much like the moment I found myself in a selfie with one of its leading men Rick Hoffman, the legend that plays the character of Lewis Litt.

I work at a radio station so it’s a common occurrence to have famous people walk past my desk on their way to be interviewed. Most times I couldn’t care less.  On this particular day I wasn’t aware one of my favourite TV characters was in such close proximity until I asked two giggly girls hiding in a corner what was going on. They replied that “Lewis Litt” was in the building and they weren’t sure if they had the guts to go and meet him. By the time they had finished answering my question I was already gone…I gapped it through the office to where he was.

My desperate run to Lewis Litt was rudely interrupted by a queue of people who rate him as much as I do and so I was forced to wait and watch till it was my turn. Our instructions were that we had a moment with him to take a selfie and then basically we had to bugger off.

I was close to last and so when it got to be my turn he was no doubt over it all, so I felt it polite to warn him about my lack of selfie ability and said I might need more than one go at it. He laughed. I took a selfie. He laughed. He told me to take another one. He laughed again, and said, “Wow you weren’t wrong!” He then said “Here, you move to this side, give me your phone, I’ll take it for us so we have a chance of at least looking ok”. I did what I was told, and although I had put zero effort into my appearance that day, the selfie Mr. Rick Hoffman took for us was a whole lot better than any of mine. It was cute actually, we had matching hairdos – he’s bald and I had my fringe back. Same look.

I always like to take a life lesson from the random moments I find myself in and the take out from this? Self-development as an individual is far more important than being good at taking selfies because in the end, there is always someone who can help us take a photo.  What someone can’t help us with is giving us the ability to be the best version of ourselves. That’s up to us and only us. We basically have to “Litt” ourselves “UP”!

Caro x


Posted: Wednesday 1 March 2017

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