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The Countdown Christmas showdown 2016.

Merry Christmas with love from Fashionistafail! x

T’was  the night (or two) before Christmas and all through the Countdown car park all you could hear were two adult woman screaming profanities at each other over the fact there was only 1 car park and between the two of them, 2 cars. Math isn’t my strong point, but clearly one of them lost. I didn’t stick around long enough to know whether the winner won because she punched the other woman in the face, but it would not have surprised me.

Ahhh Christmas, the time of year for love to abound, for warm fuzzies everywhere and only happy endings (or so ‘Love Actually’ would have anyone with a heart believe…)

What is it about Christmas these days that takes away the ‘goodness’ in what is globally considered a time of year for only that. GOOD.

I’ll tell you what, stress and social pressures, and nothing that in the grand scheme of things, even matters.

That stress comes in many different forms for us all. Work deadlines, Christmas present pressure, financial pressure, family expectations and plans that have some driving hours to eat with family on one specific day of the year with such urgency that it’s almost like they are all living their last day on earth…I mean hello all, there IS a 26th of December...even a 27th shock horror. Last time I checked, we all need to eat on those days too.

It feels like the general ‘vibe’ this year is one of Christmas agitation and that is really sad!

In our household luckily, Christmas plans have been relaxed and I can’t wait to catch up with family. That’s not to say there aren’t other stresses leading into December 25th…work, money, what to get people for Christmas. Let’s just say it’s highly likely it will be a ridiculous voucher swap between us all that basically means we might as well have kept our cash and bought something for ourselves when we needed or wanted it as opposed to having December 25th dictate gift giving/voucher swapping.

This led us to a conversation around CARE and THOUGHT…if a gift is to be given, it would be nice for it to contain those two factors. If a car park is up for grabs, factor in those two things and it suddenly becomes fairly insignificant who gets in there first. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to Christmases that are exciting and calm and only bring out the best in people, not the worst?

I hope that before Christmas Day, we are all able to take a minute to re-evaluate our priorities in and around this (what can be magical) day, and go into it with excitement, gratitude and love for all the people we get to spend time with, for all the food we are lucky to have on our tables and for being able to say we live in this beautiful Country that really  does have enough car parks for all of us.

Lots of Christmas love and light,

Caro x

Posted: Friday 23 December 2016

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