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To everything there is a season....

I don’t want to alarm anyone but recently I have found myself wandering around Bunnings, watering the vege garden, reading recipe books to aid me in the choice of which meal to cook for dinner, cooking said dinner and, last but not least, I have done a wardrobe cull to rival anything that any clothes loving lady in history has ever done. I’ve got rid of about a third of it and it didn’t even make me want to hyperventilate! (Those of you who know me well have probably either passed out due to shock, or made the assumption that my computer has been hijacked and that this is in fact, not Carolyn at all…)

Some would say I’ve suddenly become ‘domesticated’. It’s surprising to say the least. Or is it?

My recent actions really got me thinking…thinking about the seasons of life (appropriate segue right there considering we are entering the early months of autumn and seasons are changing all around us right now.)

I always used to be slightly offended when those who love me said I wasn’t domesticated. I always felt that I could be if I wanted to be, but that it just wasn’t on any urgent ‘to do list’ with where my life was 'at' during those times, nor was it something that I spent my time considering important to my personal identity, I mean would I want “Here lies the most domesticated woman who ever lived” on my gravestone if I died all of a sudden? Not really…But, isn’t it funny that when life naturally takes you on wonderful new paths, you don’t really think about the subtle changes (or not so subtle as my case may be) that you naturally adapt when you enter a new ‘life season’? Nor do you realise the subtle changes in your hopes, your dreams, and what’s important to you vs. what’s really not anymore.

So, what does this upgraded and domesticated version of Carolyn want to do with Fashionistafail? Is it still a priority? I can confirm that yes, it is. It’s important to me to see this through and make one of my dreams come true. I can confirm that I’m selling the 1 third of my wardrobe to get extra coin to save (or to spend on clothes, so that I don’t feel inclined to eat into any travel savings!) and that I’m heading to Europe mid-August to Mid-September this year for a rather fun adventure with my friend Becky, and then I’ll be meeting up with my fella and we will be doing Italy and Greece together (totes romantic - specific details TBC…no doubt there will be some fun stories in that whole ‘where to go, what to do’ process!) We are booking the start of our adventures later this month, and it’s actually wonderful to feel like it’s happening finally. Was it in the timeframe I had imagined when I started this thing? Heck no, I’m about a year late, but I have to say, how it’s working out is absolutely perfect.

Sometimes I guess we just have to sit through whatever life season we are in until the timing works itself out and the puzzle pieces come together, but until then, enjoy the ride – whatever that looks like for you!

So, welcome to Fashionistafail 2.0

2.0 is the Fashionistafail version where I kick my savings into high-gear with a few short months left so I probably won’t be seeing many of you that often, unless you want to ‘pot-luck’ dinner at mine to catch up – Oh, wait, flag that. I’ll cook. Just bring yourselves.

Caro x

Ps. Yes I will from time-to-time be posting outfits on Instgram so you can see I'm not cheating and shopping! I won't promise 1 #ootd a day though cause that just became a real pain in the arse to do, but I'll do my best!

Posted: Sunday 6 March 2016

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