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Functionality & Fashion for 2016!

So there I was, earlier this week, in my own exercise hell and I got to wondering (mid pathetic attempt at a pull-up) where did I go so wrong? I’m pretty sure I used to be incredibly fit!? I used to be one of those ‘gym bunnies’ that went to the gym sometimes twice a day, I mean seriously, doesn’t intense exercise ages ago work as credit for current day fitness goals? Shouldn’t my 2007-2014 dedication still be paying health dividends?! Turns out not so much.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t the coolest environment to have this flash of reality vs. imagined fitness in either.

I’ll paint you a (rather embarrassing) picture…

Carolyn turns up for said exercising session in her #activewear feeling pretty good about the way the lycra is holding her arse/tummy in. She may have even had her strut on. The coach for this particular session happened to be her rather awesome, inspiring BF and so of course she’s trying to be cute, and impress (needless to say both those things went out the window within ten minutes of this workout – replace ‘cute’ with ‘bright red’ and ‘impress’ with ‘gasping for air to the point of being unable to speak’ and you’ll have a more accurate picture of events) and there he is, wanting to help her with her 2016 goals of fitness and health yet standing right in the firing line of a grumpy, potentially stroppy Caro when she realises mid workout, close to hurl territory, that she ain’t all that and a bag of fitness chips after all…you’re getting the picture?

*side note – I relayed that to you in third person so I could read it back and feel like it (kind of) happened to someone else*

The ego that was beaten out of me by 3 rounds of what can only be described as exercise torture due to the fact that for the last year I’ve been more focused on measuring fitness as ‘fitting pants’ instead of putting myself though my paces came back and truly bit me in the butt.

It made me think about how I want to BE in my next year…I want life to be fun and functional, not just look good from the outside in. I want to be fit AND fit my pants!

I know that whenever I give up working out a lot, something in my life is a bit off balance…It means I’m not as focused as I like to be on the things that matter. I mean without our health, what do we have really? Sure, I was doing the odd yoga session, the odd training session, the odd walk, but there was no routine, no purpose, no goals…This year, not only in areas of exercise but across the board, I want to live with more purpose and intent. I don’t want to be unprepared, caught red faced and unable to breathe. Soooooo embarrassing!

So, Happy New Year to you fashionistafailers - Let’s do more than just look good in our skinny jeans this year. Let’s take care of ourselves on the inside first, whatever that means to you. Choose functionality in life at each opportunity and have a darn good time doing it whilst wearing fashionable pants. I think it’s entirely doable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a wee jog and the only thing that excites me about that sentence is that I’ll be able to wear some cool Puma gears haha!

Caro x

Posted: Tuesday 19 January 2016

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