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All I want for Christmas is you and...

What the heck DO I want for Chirstmas…?

And this question is where I hit a road block. Do I write something that’s funny, a story about something that has happened in my life lately that will make you laugh (at my expense, which I’m totally cool with) or do I go down the ‘Caro is having a D&M moment at the end of a year route’ and write about that? Well, the fact that Michael Jackson is singing a Christmas carol in the background (thanks Spotify Christmas shuffle) I take it as a sign I’m meant to go the D&M road. If MJ doesn’t evoke emotion in you, I have no clue what reality it is you are living in haha! If it was a rapper singing about Christmas, then I’d take it as a clue I’m meant to be light-hearted but that ain’t happening so here you go…For those of you who hate touchy feely stuff…go read something else.

This Christmas has been love/hate. I have found this Christmas stressful. How do I know I’m a bit on edge? Well I swear more! It’s very unladylike I know. I get road rage, which never really happens as I usually like having a bit more ‘me time’ before I get to the place I’m going. I’ve found myself hurrying around like an idiot well aware I’m not half as busy as so many others…yet I feel like I’m agitated over and above what’s necessary. It’s not cool.

For someone who adores retail and has been known to use it as therapy from time-to-time, you’d think Christmas would be my favourite time of the whole year. An excuse to go mental in the shops some might say. But in fact, it has had the opposite effect this year. All this shopping, all this buying, all this expectation on ‘stuff’ is making my skin crawl.

So, with the Christmas shopping for those I love ticked off I’ve found myself thinking about those who have more important things to worry about. The elderly on their own, those who are far away from their families, those who can’t afford food themselves let alone presents for others, and it makes everything I’ve been stressed about pale in significance and makes me so grateful about the Christmas I have to look forward to. Do my family drive me mad? Sure. Do I need any more stuff? No. Is it a pain in the butt driving all over the City from one thing to the next on one day a year that we place so much importance on? Sure. Would I change it for the world? No.

This year has been an incredible ride. A surprise a minute. Every surprise, good bad or otherwise, I’m grateful for. What do I want for Christmas? I want me, and I also want you (can I ask you that? I hope so), to take a moment to breathe, reflect, and practise gratitude for all that is and say a prayer for those who are not as blessed as we are this time of year. For those who have bigger concerns than what to buy, who to visit, how much to eat, or what to wear on Christmas Day…

We all know it’s fun to think about what to wear on Christmas Day, but please let’s all be tuned in to the fact that this time of year is magical, and let us stop and notice that magic maybe isn’t in the big ‘wow’ moments, but the small moments that make up a life…minute by minute, day by day.

Merry Christmas fashionistafailers. Much love to you and yours, and may all your Christmas wishes come true for you this year.

Caro x

PS – thank you to all my friends with kiddies who are making me laugh on FB with the “Kids+Santas knee” pics. Hilarious.

Posted: Wednesday 23 December 2015

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