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Anniversaries and flying - They go together like a horse and carriage.

Life is full of firsts. First day at school, first day in a new job, a first Christmas, the first time you ride a bike without training wheels, the first ever CD you bought with your own money (don’t judge me but mine was Celine Dion), a first kiss, the first time you bunked school (Mum and Dad that never happened…)”Firsts” are generally remembered for either the awesomeness of memory they evoke, or the nostalgia you feel when looking back. Either way, firsts (I’m sure) are the reason that anniversaries were invented. They give us a reason to celebrate and remind ourselves of all our “firsts”.

This past week I was celebrating my 1 year anniversary of living back in New Zealand. Time fly’s when you’re having fun, there is no truer statement. Turns out, on my 1 year ‘back home’ anniversary, I was lucky enough to experience a first that will no doubt be celebrated/experienced by thousands in the coming months! My backside was found planted on seat 1A (to be exact) of the very first flight Jetstar ever took to Napier. Now let me tell you, celebrating a first for someone else, while celebrating an anniversary of your own, is bloody marvellous! Two birds, one stone you might say.

I had a little time to reflect on my first year back home while I was up above the clouds on the way to Napier (it was a fairly quick reflection as the flight is only an hour) but I am happy to report that after looking back at this past year, I can honestly say, life is tracking well. You never really know how things will pan out when you make a big life choice…you kind of just cross your fingers, shut your eyes, and jump right in. I’m glad I jumped.

There is something about being home, that warms the cockles of my heart.

Now, because I am saving money for another “life first” – that being my first big trip overseas in June next year – I thought it a rather incredible coincidence (if you believe in those, I personally don’t, I think the word “coincidence” is a very lazy way of saying “miracle”…) that I found myself on a Jetstar aeroplane on my 1 year Auckland anniversary. Flying. Traveling. Sure, it wasn’t overseas, it was local, but it was a perfect example to me of not forgetting the smaller adventures we are able to be a part of while we plan our ‘bigger picture’. Just because I’m saving to go overseas, doesn’t mean I can’t travel in my own backyard and be reminded of the beauty my very own country has to offer!

Everything in New Zealand is so close, so beautiful, so fresh and green and yummy. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it right this minute? Thanks to Jetstar and the delightful experience I had of Napier, I was made to remember that it’s so important to have a big picture, to plan and hope for big things, but also important to stop and smell the roses (or jump on a quick flight to another region to break with routine and spoil yourself) while you are waiting for those big things.

After all, in the scheme of a life, the first day at school really isn’t a big thing, but at the time, it’s the only thing there was for little 5 year old Caro! Same can be said for the other anniversaries we celebrate…whether it’s a big life event to remember, or a small one, experiences are what maketh the anniversary, so I plan on making my next year (with a nice big trip overseas thrown in there for good measure) full of adventures - big (think Europe), small (think Jetstar regional flights in my own backyard), or otherwise (the exciting unknowns that life will inevitably throw my way)

Turns out, an hour is plenty of time for reflection, thanks Jetstar 1A. It’s always great to be thousands of feet off the ground when you have one of those “aha moments” about life!

Caro x



Posted: Sunday 6 December 2015

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