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It's all about the 'farshon' darling.

I thought I’d be on a bit of a ‘come down’ this week but instead, all I feel is light. You know that feeling when you realise you actually haven’t been breathing properly for a while and you take a deep breath and instantly realise you’ve not been relaxed, or getting enough oxygen? Yeah, that’s me this week.


Hello Tuesday you little ripper!

Last week all the fashionistas from both near and far gathered in Auckland for New Zealand Fashion Week 2015. It’s an incredible week for lovers of anything fashion related (me!) I walked around feeling like I’d been sucked into this awesome alternate clothing universe! It’s also a week where I feel totally out of my comfort zone for a number of reasons. Why? Good question.

Firstly, I’m not actually a fashion expert, I just love clothes! Secondly, I’m a girl who has a whole lot of girl crushes. People I admire from afar for their style, their grace, their humour, you name it. There are so many reasons to admire someone. Respect? That’s a whole other thing, and to respect someone you need to know them. Know what they stand for and what they are passionate about. You need to trust them and believe the words they use to communicate all of the above.

In an environment like Fashion Week, you meet so many brilliant ‘top of their game’ individuals. It's inspiring to say the least. You also meet people who, at face value are kind, polite, seem to care, and yet you have no idea who they really are, what they think of you, what they stand for and vice versa.

That part of the week is what I feel uncomfortable in. Like an outfit that looks incredible, but is not actually that comfortable to wear.

People smile to each other’s faces ALL the time. Are people kind to each other after the fact? From my experience, not all the time and that saddens me.

Fashion week is all about creativity, beauty, the result of such hard work and dreaming up a creation in the form of a garment that is then shown in all its beauty to the world for the first time. If only people could be that authentic and transparent. If what you saw was actually what you got, what a beautiful world it would be!

At an event like Fashion Week everyone (myself included) wakes up with the intention of looking great. It’s all about the outside. It’s about that beauty we see (and it’s actually darn stressful thinking about what to wear!) Don’t get me wrong, I obviously appreciate beauty in regards to fashion, make-up, and the aesthetics of the word ‘beauty’ (I’m no less vain than any other girl living with social media images of what ‘beautiful’ is supposed to look like and I don’t mind admitting it.) I am however, as I get older and happier in my own bones, becoming more aware that it isn’t what counts.

Face value, image value, what people think of each other based on those things…is all irrelevant. What’s important (I believe), are those in life who know us, see our beauty from the inside out first, not from the outside in only. Those who say how they feel about us to our faces, not behind our backs. Those who can appreciate beauty in every individual they meet.  Whatever they happen to be wearing.

This is why I’m breathing easy this week…I’m back in real life, where (although I like to think I’m on a runway when I’m just walking around the office - it’s a fun game to play, I highly recommend it – you should hear the soundtrack I walk to, it’s awesome!!) I’m just me, with those I love around me and those who love me even without make-up on whilst wearing trackpants and not sucking my stomach in every minute in case theres a photographer lurking somewhere, right beside me.

I can’t wait for NZFW next year…but till then, here’s to keeping it real with our precious ones around us and reminding ourselves what matters while letting it all hang out!

Caro x









Posted: Tuesday 1 September 2015

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