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It’s August and I am struggling with this blog business. I imagine William Shakespeare also suffered from the same affliction time-to-time. So much to write about that he, in fact, didn’t know where to begin, and so…just didn’t!

Due to the fact I’ve had a number of people not even ask, but quite sternly insist that I need to “write more blogs because they are funny” (pressure much?) I have been on hiatus and weighing up this writing pressure in my mind. What do I have to say that is side splittingly hilarious? In my mind not much, but for some reason, whether in written or spoken word people around me do tend to laugh. For a while I had a complex about it…were these people actually laughing at me? Likely.

My new hairdresser last week stopped mid-foil (which is very scary for any blonde) to slap me on the shoulder and what she said in that moment, what I think was meant to be complimentary, was “OMG, you are seriously hilarious, I had no idea!!?” I at that point, had no clue what I’d actually said to be that ‘LOL-worthy’ and blushed. This happens a lot when I meet new people. Perhaps I should go on the road with my naïve, unaware, and very impromptu ‘comedy show’?

My conclusion is this – if you are laughing at me, good. You are happy, and you are welcome. If you are laughing with me? Good, we will be friends for life. Either way, laughing is good for the soul and a happy soul is the most important thing in like, life.

Which leads me back to August.

This month, this year, has me laughing. Sometimes at the absolute joy of life, sometimes at the peculiar place I find myself as I put another year on my body clock.

Yes it’s my birthday month. Yes this generally means that for us human folk we look back at the past year and evaluate/judge ourselves. Are we where we thought we’d be this time last year? Have we achieved all the goals we set ourselves? Have I kept my word to myself? Have I saved enough money? Have I got the career I want? Have I maintained the relationships that are important to my life’s happiness? The lists goes on and on and, correct me if I’m wrong, but no one will judge us on ‘our past years successes’ harder than ourselves. Which, I now believe to be ridiculous.

This particular birthday month, I am choosing to laugh at and love the last year I’ve had. For the successes, the failures, the surprises, the wonderful people I’ve met, as well as the douchebags, the situations I’ve found myself in that at this time last year I wouldn’t have even been able to imagine…why? Because they make for a very colourful life, and an even funnier campfire story and I do love campfires.

Am I where I thought I’d be at (gulp) ‘my age’? Not at all. I thought I’d be like the majority of my friends and have my caboose hitched to a Prince Charming with a couple of rugrats in tow. Instead I find myself having all sorts of other unexpected adventures and am I laughing? Absolutely.

I think that although it sounds a tad wanky, it’s important to be PROUD of ourselves. Does that mean we are arrogant? No. I don’t think it does. Does it mean we care about ourselves, that we know that we matter, and that we are in fact all very awesome individuals who deserve to walk on this planet year in year out while we can, knowing we are allowed to laugh? YES.

Wherever we are ‘at’ in life, if we are not laughing, then what is the point really?

If I was to raise a birthday toast to myself (don’t worry, I won’t be partying alone when the time comes to celebrate, I’m not yet Bridget Jones, give me a few more years…) I would say something like this:

“Happy Birthday Carolyn. I am proud of you. Of all that you are, all that you try and succeed, as well as all that you try and fail. At least you try. I like that you believe in the fact that life loves you and is actually here to take care of you. I like that you smile as much as you do, and I’m glad you have wonderful people in your life that inspire you, challenge you, love you, and most importantly laugh with you (or at you, whichever comes first.)”

Happy August all.

*Cheers* (That’s totally what Shakespeare would say cause he’s classy like that too…)

Caro x

Posted: Wednesday 5 August 2015

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