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Time flies when you are having fun!

Time flies when you are having fun is as true a statement as any.

I’ve been putting off writing this blog. Why? Well over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to think of a way to make this blog not be such a big deal in my mind, but it is. I can no longer hide from that. Why have I put pressure on myself about this one in particular? Well Fashionistafail has been going for a year now (minus a few days) and I’m not even close to figuring out where I’m going to travel (or when if I’m being honest!)

When I started this journey, it was to hold myself accountable (as well as give you a laugh at my expense and share experiences that I know as chicks, we all have from time to time)

I was aware I had a shopping addiction, that I had got myself into a spot of financial ‘bother’ because of it and I wanted to be an adult and do what it took to make my own dreams come true in the long term and not continue to ‘scratch the itch’ of short term gratification and succumbing constantly to ‘new outfit (or 4) every payday syndrome’. One of my dreams was and is to travel to parts of the world I have not yet seen (which is pretty much the whole globe so I’m spoilt for choice)

This time last year, sitting in Melbourne Australia, 365 days seemed like a heck of a long way away, I also, at that time, assumed I would still be living in Australia with the fairly new (awesome) job I had just scored and the wonderful  life I had that took me 5 years to create. I did not anticipate that events would transpire and that I would be sitting in Auckland New Zealand having spent the last 6 months (it would be fair to say) in a state of flux adapting back to life in New Zealand after not having lived here for just over 5 years. Yes, New Zealand has changed in that time, as have I and so we really did have to get reacquainted!

Moving countries, even just a 3.5 hour flight between, was ridiculously expensive, as was setting up a home and a life back in Auckland.

It was not a part of my ‘financial plan’ for the next year of my life when I started this thing. Do I regret it? Heck no. Being home is THE right thing for me. I am happy, content and life is working out in wonderful ways I couldn’t have even imagined whilst sitting on my navy blue sofa back in Saint Kilda this time last year! Am I frustrated though that I’m not currently able to stick to my timeline and jump on a plane in a few weeks though? YES. Of course I am.

I guess that’s the thing though yeah? Sticking to a timeline = not a matter of life and death, sticking to one’s word, in my opinion IS. If you can’t believe ones words, what else is there? Talk shouldn’t be cheap, it should be true.

So, my Fashionistafail following friends, I can tell you that although the timeline has changed somewhat, my word has not. I am STILL saving for travel, and am happy to say that with all the expenses of moving and setting up a new life; I have managed to put $5k in the bank. I want to double that and then I want to go on my trip! When will that be? Well as soon as I am a) able b) allowed to fit it in to life’s schedule in and around career obviously, and c) when it suits me!

I will continue with the blog and I will continue with the challenge until I have the results I set out to achieve.

Thank you so much for holding me to my word…for those who randomly come up to me in the street and say they love the blog and remind me that I’m nearly at a year, for those who message me saying they love what I’m doing and they too are now saving for their dreams, for those who follow just so they can judge – you help me too, to know that what I’m doing is worth your undivided stalking attention - it fuels my passion to succeed not only with this challenge, but with life in general, and to those who remind me what my goals are and that they are easily accomplished in and around the things life throws in our way – thank you, from the bottom of my…bank balance. Ha.

Fashionistafail is still going. Dreams are not fuelled by a timeline but instead the will to achieve even when said timeline shifts itself. Life is fluid and exciting and we quite literally don’t know where we will be from one year to the next! That is something I have learned in the last 365 days, that’s for sure!

I might change things up a bit and I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with #outfitoftheday every damn day…I mean it’s hard trying to think of what to wear AND I’m hoping you don’t get bored…#Fashionistafailfriends might be a thing, as might #Fashionistafailmandrobe…I’m open to suggestion and as always, love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send me your #ootd pics and I can highlight them too!

In other news, I’m thinking a cruise around Europe…Made the call, researching brochures as we speak…

Here’s to another year full of surprises, and dreams to action into reality *fist pump*

Caro x

Posted: Saturday 27 June 2015

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