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Mean girls.

Girls are mean. And I’m not talking about to each other. We are mean to ourselves. It sux.

Last weekend I helped out a friend of mine with a photoshoot (she needed my head to ‘model’ her beanies - check out #pompomnz.) That particular morning I woke up, dragged my butt out of bed stood in front of the mirror, looked at myself and had nothing kind to say to my reflection, instead I noticed I was picking myself apart! I was focused on all that I think I’m not, not on what I am. I was not being kind to myself at all. I was being a bitch. To myself. I mean who really needs that?!

It was one of those ‘lightning bolt life moments’ and I instantly wondered at what point in my life that became a normal way to treat myself.  When was it that I began to see what I’m not first, before all that I am. I’m know I’m not alone here…my friends and I get together and it’s a common conversation – talking about what we wish we had, what we wished we looked like, what we wished we were doing with our lives.

I see little kids literally making out with themselves on mirrors, slobber everywhere, waving at themselves, talking to themselves with smiles on their faces…how cool is that? They love themselves, they think they are awesome and you know what? Those kids are on to something! They are surrounded by love and encouragement…they are constantly being told what they CAN do, how SPECIAL they are, and why do they believe it? They believe it because it’s…true!

Now, I’m not suggesting we go and face pash the nearest mirror and fall in love with ourselves in that way – it would be a bit weird for the company we keep – but why not practise smiling at ourselves. What is wrong with loving all you are and all that you are not?

I dare each and every one of you (and yes you will feel like an idiot doing this because being nice to yourself will feel so foreign - trust me, I tried it this morning!) to, next time you stare at yourself in the mirror – perhaps even brushing your teeth tonight – say 3 things to your reflection that you like, nay, love about yourselves. What you are proud of yourselves for and what you are grateful for. Do it until it doesn't feel weird. Go on. I bet you will go to bed with a smile on your dial.

I reckon that if more people did this, the world would be a happier place. If we stop hating on ourselves and start being kind to ourselves, I'm sure that there would be more kindness in the world. Win!

So off you go – go and fall in love with your reflection and smile at all the SPECIAL that you are.

Love Caro x




Posted: Wednesday 3 June 2015

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