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Star-struck stalker.

I was recently having a coffee, discussing Fashionistafail with  and I saw Stephen Spielberg walk past the café we were in. I kid you not. He had a baseball cap on, sunglasses…I can imagine it must be hard work going anywhere these days due to the fact he’s STEPHEN bloody SPEILBURG (!!!) so he was doing a fairly good job at going incognito. Unluckily for him, my inner “Nancy Drew” is always on the lookout for anomalies in normal everyday life, and so I spotted him a mile off. In that split second I said to my lovely Cleo companion (minus some swearwords I may have said on the day due to the excitement of it all) “Holy moly, Stephen Spielberg just walked past!! I love him and his work and I’d die to meet him!” We had not yet finished our coffee (or our meeting) but I got us both up, paid our bill, and raced out of the café in full ‘stalk Stephen mode”…

I swear I must have some sort of filter against reality because all unusual life occurrences end up like a movie in my head, even this one…for example, as we were running up the road to find Stephen, I actually had a fleeting thought that went something along these lines “O.M.G what if he has a role in an upcoming movie that requires a short blonde from NZ…this could be my lucky break!!!” (I understand there is NO logic in that thought due to the fact that…a) I’m not an actress b) I’m not actually looking for any break whatsoever in regards to a movie career, let alone a ‘lucky one’ c) as IF Carolyn d) AS IF CAROLYN e) wake UP Carolyn!!!)

Nevertheless, my mind dreams and thinks big. Even in moments like this one…

We track Stephen Spielberg down in another café up the road…I take a deep breath (after asking the staff in the café if they had noticed an American Accent to which they said they weren’t paying attention) and walk up to Stephen Spielberg who’s minding his own business and drinking coffee and enjoying a bit of down time – which must be very scarce for Stephen these days since he’s one of the most famous people on earth… (Yes I’ve dragged my Cleo colleague through this adventure, probably against her will to be honest) and I say to him (cutting to the chase) “Excuse me, I hate to interrupt, and if I’m wrong I do apologise but if I’m right, I’d kick myself if I didn’t take this opportunity to ask…Are you…?” Stephen then interrupts me he says “I know what you are going to say, it’s happened before, and no I’m not Stephen Spielberg, sorry to disappoint, I’m Mike and I’m just a builder.”

Well you can imagine my heart breaking on the spot, not only for the fact I had such high hopes, but also for “Mike just the builder” – no one is “just anything” and I felt sad that he thought building wasn’t exciting or important!!! He said, “Well, you probably don’t want a selfie with me now, do you?” I did reply stating that he was correct, but that if he ever ran out of building jobs, he should really consider being a Stephen Spielberg impersonator.

Mike then shared that one of the highlights of his life was actually meeting Stephen Spielberg a couple of years ago and yes, he got a selfie, and yes they looked the same (which made me feel a little less embarrassed about my major case of ‘wrong identity stalking’)

I may not have met Stephen Spielberg, or been even close to ET phoning home, but I thought I’d write about this little experience because it made me realise a few things:

1-Stephen Spielberg doesn’t just walk around Ponsonby on his own, Mike does.

2-If you don’t care enough about something you’d never chase it, and therefore you’d miss out on all sorts of random experiences and conversations.

3-Always be prepared for an adventure, big or small. Up the road, or overseas.

4-None of us are “just” anything – whatever we do with our days, matters. Not all of us are world famous Directors, sure, but we ALL have the opportunity to leave some “awesome” in the world wherever we are.

5-My ‘Nancy Drew detective skills’ are not as amazing as I initially thought…


Caro x

Posted: Wednesday 20 May 2015

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