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Call me Keanu.

Call me Keanu but recently in life, I have been experiencing major glitches in my own personal Matrix. Yes, I have been Déjà vu – ing all over the place!

Some say that experiencing Déjà vu is a checkpoint. Apparently (once again only according to some) we actually plan our lives before we get here. Plan things like who we are going to work out karma with, who we are going to marry, how many kids we are going to have, what we come here to learn, and it is said that we have even put certain obstacles in our paths to teach us lessons so we can evolve…Long story short, a Déjà vu apparently marks the fact that we are on the right path. If indeed that is the case, I should seriously be high-fiving myself right about now because I’m bang smack, right on it.

(Obviously it would be about here that I should mention that I’m choosing to ignore the fact that Déjà vu has also been explained as having a brief glimpse of a situation before the brain has had the chance to catch up to the present moment, which sounds far less romantic, as well as ‘brain slow’ than ‘being on the right track’ in life!)

Whatever the reason for Déjà vu, I’m having a load of them…recognising dreams that pop up into reality, dreaming of people I haven’t thought of for yonks then having them touch base out of the blue, and I got to thinking (after considering the fact that I could be just a bit stressed and my mind might be playing tricks on me) that although knowing the ending to certain situations would be nice from time to time, I don’t think I’d want to know how all these plans I’ve potentially already made for myself, pan out!

So many questions of mine remain unanswered…

Where will I travel? When will I travel? (I’m waiting on a few exciting things to eventuate that may deter my travel plans – or not, as the case may be)

What will be the first thing be that I splurge on when I’m shopping for realz again?

How much can I save in a few short months?

How IRRELAVENT are all these questions when in other parts of the world, people’s questions and experiences right now are questions of life and death and loss and fear?

And that is where my Déjà vu romanticism stops me in my tracks. If indeed we choose our challenges, I’m forever grateful that mine are currently not life and death, but more so, just things in life I can actually control myself to a point…saving, not shopping, exciting career opportunities, meeting new people, planning adventures. Sure, all of life has an unknown element to it and we can’t control the timing of certain things, but I am I grateful for the unknowns that I currently have, compared to what some parts of the world are dealing with right now in regards to their ‘unknowns’.

My Matrix glitch could be a whole lot worse, and so I’m glad that my Déjà vus are occurring on drives to certain places with people I love, or in conversations with long lost friends. If Déjà vu does indeed mean we are on the right track in life, I’m grateful (and it’s also a nice reminder that what one wears on a daily basis really IS totally insignificant!)

Caro x

Posted: Tuesday 28 April 2015

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