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Indulge me.

I would like to know how Carrie (Sex and the City Carrie, not me Carry, that’s only what my family call me) managed to find content from real life to make a top selling career out of writing about it. Seriously. I get that “Mr. Big” certainly had a ring to it and the on-again-off-again saga of a decade had us all biting our fingernails in anticipation of will they/won’t they finally get it together, as well as having us think we might actually end up with a long gone ex that would leave us on our wedding day cause that’s what “Mr. Bigs do” (romantic fellow, note sarcasm)…But wow, there’s only so much ‘big’ to go around and quite frankly, she used it all up.

I guess funny things happen all the time and in those moments I go to ‘take notes like a totes profesh blogger’ about whatever the ‘funny’ was so I can milk the split second life moment into about 600 words for you lovely people to read but I forget to do just that…So, here I sit this fine Autumn evening, with not a thing to really say that’s of any value! Writing about bits and pieces of one’s life is a bit self-indulgent at the best of times, but to actually have nothing new to say? Well that’s just (if things were still written on paper instead of screens) a waste of trees!

Hmmmmmm *Carolyn twiddles her thumbs waiting for writing inspo*

Nope, all I’ve got is normal life! I’m still saving, I’m narrowing down location destinations, I’m moving house soon, I’m working hard, I’m doing the things in life that make me happy…and you know what? I guess, day-to-day nothing totally monumental occurs – Its finding happiness IN those normal moments that makes life grand.

So without further ado, and without wanting to waste ‘internet bandwidth’ as opposed to ‘trees’ I shall sign off for now. At only 326 words.

I hope your 2015 weeks are ticking by and I hope you made the most of having an extra hour back in the weekend.

Here is to normal life and the funny, happy moments that occur that we forget to note down!

Caro x

(Oops, that’s now 375 words)

Posted: Wednesday 8 April 2015

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