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Girly chats in knickers

Every now and then in life, you get interrupted by a half-naked woman standing next to you who asks  “This might be a weird question but are you the lady who isn’t buying clothes until she’s saved money to travel, Fashionista something?” 

To which I naturally respond (what with it being me and all) “Yip, that’s me, fashionistafail – actual name, Carolyn, hi, nice to meet you!”

We both realise in that moment, standing there half naked together and having to get ready for work in such close proximity to each other’s arses, we had best continue our chat and ignore the fact that we are rammed into the female changing room at the gym and that it’s not only us having a ‘heart to heart’ half dressed, but that there are boobs and bums everywhere, making it far less embarrassing!

Cue conversation:

Her:  “Oh I love your blog, how exciting; I’ll get to see what you are wearing for today’s outfitoftheday before anyone else!”

Me: “Ha! Well I hope you like it, considering I pulled it out of my wardrobe in the dark before heading here (gym)”

(I show her outfit hanging in locker waitng for me to wear it)

Her: “Oh I like it! My mum follows your blog too and we love it – Mostly it’s mum telling me I should be doing the same but saving for a house! But I love shopping too much…”

Me: “Ah yes, well I know the feeling…If I could save AND shop I would!”

Her: “Yeah, being a grown-up is annoying”

Me: “Yep”

Our chat continued for a bit and we then headed off into our respective days (I let her know she’d made MY day and that it wasn’t even 8am)

Why had she made my day? Well it’s not the first time some stranger has come up to me and said they love fashionistafail, but even after those moments (that I must confess I find very cool –  it feels to me kind of like I'm a 5 year old kid who gets a gold star on the classroom wall next to their name because of  good marks on their homework!) I do from time-to-time wonder if I’m on the right track with what I’m up to. When lovely people let you know they find value in my challenge for themselves, my fashinoistafail ‘dear diary’ journey doesn’t seem quite so indulgent and I am reminded WHY I started this in the first place. To remind myself and anyone else who needs reminding, that although clothes, stuff, whatever it is you spend money on is very fun in the short term, it’s EXPERIENCES that make life rich, and so…I’d rather save money right now to be rich in experience, as opposed to looking rich in outfits that I spent too much money on then not being able to afford experiences!

Sometimes it takes one random, caring, curious person, who’s standing right next to us in their knickers, to remind us that whatever challenges we have set ourselves in our own lives to overcome are not that strange and that people have their own goals everywhere in regards to ‘life and money’! To save, or not to save, that is the question. Whatever you are saving for is personal to you, but never forget the BIG PICTURE DREAM as to why you are…a home, a holiday, for your future…all important things to strive for, have, and experience.

Here’s to life’s little reminders that although dreams are big and bank balances can be small, it doesn’t make those dreams impossible.

Also, here’s to changing rooms in gyms being too small. Without such close compulsary quarters, me and “Little Miss Kindness” wouldn’t have had the chance to chat!

Caro x

Posted: Wednesday 1 April 2015

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