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Women are my Superheroes.

OK, so it would appear that I am still (in some ways) an 18 year old girl who crushes on successful women I admire long after the fact that said women should excite me so. This came to my attention this morning after I posted #outfitoftheday on Instagram and Kate Hawkesby “liked it”. I had the same excitable feeling a couple of weeks ago when Petra Bagust and Kylie Bax “liked a pic” too…what is it in me that as a 34 year old woman, gets me so stoked when women I have long looked up to in a career sense as well as an ‘all round fantastic ladies’ sense take 3 seconds of their no doubt hectic lives to like a picture of mine? Well, I couldn’t tell you to be honest but I would compare it to the fact that it’s the same feeling I had when I found out the Backstreeet Boys are coming to New Zealand. What I CAN tell you is that I am happy I still have women I respect, admire and aspire to being in some way or another!

I got to thinking about why these moments get me so excited a little more while I was having my Sunday morning coffee and it came down to this – there are amazing women everywhere, living life and just doing such a good job of it - being mothers, being successful at their careers, keeping their health a priority and smiling through their days (some of which, like all of us are probably not easy for whatever reason) and I realised that not only those in the media, like the Oprah's (no, Oprah Winfrey has not liked a photo of mine…but a girl can dream), the Petra's, the Kate's the Kylie Bax's have this effect on me, where I have watched them from afar and want to simulate some of what they have accomplished in their lives, in my own life, but so do the women I am able to have in my life on a daily basis. I won’t mention names as I don’t want this blog to be a ‘Carolyn’s girlfriends love fest’ that makes you want to spew, but what I will say, is that the friends I have that support me, that guide me, that inspire me in so many ways, that tell me I’m doing well, or being an idiot, are what make my life rich.

Some of them are expanding their businesses, some of them are actioning dreams, some of them are making health a priority and smashing goals in that area, some are traveling the world, some are studying, some are mothers of children that as little humans are already making the world a better place…I’m surrounded by women that are just nailing it. It’s inspiring and it’s so encouraging to have these women in my life – and I’m sure you have friends and mentors like this in yours also – those women that just make you stop and notice how much one woman is capable of. These are the women that make the world a better place. I want to be one of those ladyfaces myself and I think that’s why my travel this year is so important to me.

I want to smile at strangers around the world, to engage in conversations with women elsewhere and be inspired by the way they live THEIR lives, as I am on a day-to-day basis by the ladies here at home. I want to be witness to the wonder that women are out in the world, not just the part of the world I’m currently IN (and I bet, when I’m lucky enough to be in the presence of meeting these women, what I notice won’t be the clothes they wear, but more so, their smile lines, their grace, their wisdom and their fun!)

So, consider this an “ode to women everywhere”  (I’ve just realised I should have written this a week or so ago when it was International Women's Day, but Kate Hawkesby didn’t like my photo back then and so my girl crushing wasn’t quite so top of mind…)

My goodness I am more than grateful for my girlfriends. My life and my heart would be a whole lot less without them.

I am grateful for the women that set an example to me of how I want to be from afar. I would have a whole lot less to aspire to without them.

In the words of Mao Zedong, I really do believe that “WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY”

Cheers to women!! *clink!*

Love Caro x





Posted: Sunday 22 March 2015

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