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Sooooo, this afternoon, I was truly tested. I was put bang smack in the middle of what I love (shopping) and a dream I have (traveling) but right now, I’m not allowed to touch or experience either one!  What is this I speak of? Well I was given a guided tour of Auckland International Airport because it’s getting more exciting by the day and they wanted to show me/tease me/incentivise me to save harder so I can go to destinations far far away SOON!…No longer is it a boring two hour to wait before boarding your flight to an exotic, glamorous, overseas location…Oh no. It’s a shopping destination that stands on its own two feet…you could spend your entire holiday budget on a super duper watch in there before you even leave New Zealand (and by all means, if you can afford to do such a thing, why wouldn’t you?)

I digress…I’ll start at the beginning of my Auckland International Airport experience for you.

I drive in to the new Valet Parking that’s available for anyone, with any ticket, for any airline, going anywhere (I’m still driving my Dads car, so he will be stoked that I’m bringing it home super clean and shiny) and I feel like I’m being treated like Beyoncé (minus the entourage, millions in my bank account, amazing voice, and killer dance moves.)

I am then escorted upstairs and don’t even have to go through Immigration to get to Duty Free…amazing.’ I could get used to this’ (I think to myself)…in fact, I feel like I could spend my days doing a Tom Hanks in “The Terminal” and never leave it’s so good! I then get what I will forever more refer to as “The Tour” – I have to admit, I’m usually running late for flights and so I tend to find myself running through the shops and straight to my departure gate, but that will happen never again after today. Why?

Today taught me this:

I can get my make-up done before a flight so I land ready for the imaginary paparazzi waiting for me nowhere.

I can get a manicure so that when I’m reading on the flight I can look down at my hands and feel pretty darn glamorous.

I can buy jewellery for myself that will take the focus away from the fact I’m still half asleep after flying hours to get somewhere, that will give me a ‘sparkle’ which my eyes never have after a flight.

I can eat, drink, and be merry all before I’m in the air. No longer do I have to wait for my in-flight service to ‘get my travel party started’.

I tend to book economy flights due to my skimping and saving. Stop the press!! This no longer means I can’t have my very own “lounge” before I fly, oh no…I can now head straight to the Emperors Lounge on the day of my flight and bask in the fact I can relax, work, read, eat, drink, chill in a rather posh environment and board my flight straight from there. I tell you, flying economy never looked so good.

Did I mention that while all this is going on, my car is being polished and cleaned to within an inch of its life and then being parked for me, all ready for when I return from *insert holiday destination here*??

The Auckland International Airport is not just somewhere we run through to get on a plane anymore ladies and gentlemen. It’s the location you begin your dream holiday, and it does a very good job of doing just that – being a dream!

Although this afternoon was close to torture for me…being around such incredible brands I couldn’t purchase and flights departing every few minutes to foreign destinations I myself wasn’t travelling to, the entire experience excited me. I can’t WAIT for the day I am able to say that I’m going through the international terminal, and on my way, experiencing all the awesomeness it has to offer (including some rather exciting ‘surprises’ to materialise around July this year, soon to be announced) and jumping on a plane after my savings dream has been realised and my travel dreams are a reality.

For those of you ahead of me and about to jet out of Auckland to wherever it may be you are going, enjoy every minute of what home has to offer you prior to departure!

Head to for more ‘professional’ information than the over excited passion I am currently exuding, so you can see and experience for yourselves this amazing International Arport offering we can all be very proud of as Kiwi’s.

Caro x

Posted: Wednesday 11 March 2015

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