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Last night I went to the movies to watch UNBROKEN – that new film directed by Angelina Jolie….and I must say, it renewed my faith in the ability human beings have to really get through anything. I mean last time I checked, I have NEVER had to go through a harrowing 47 days in a raft in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks before getting caught by the Japanese navy and being sent to a prisoner-of-war camp. Nor have I won anything at the Olympics…Louis Zamperini survived it all. He’s a LEGEND…a human masterpiece. 

In that renewal of faith in the human ability to survive with courage, I found myself feeling quite lame…nothing in my life (including the trials and tribulations of not shopping) are even notable to file under ‘important’ in the grand scheme of the life we find ourselves currently in. Not even close!

Things I’ve been nagging myself about and placing importance on recently include:
Sleeping in vs. getting to the gym before work (let’s be honest, something always ‘pops up’ socially that would deter me from taking care of my body after work, like girly chats, or dates – Um, priorities!!)
I’m trying to limit myself to drinking alcohol one day a week and not Thursday through Sunday.
I haven’t made it to a yoga class since moving back to Auckland. 
I’m finding it hard to sleep at night because in my little bedroom it’s bloody hot (and it’s not like I can starfish – remember that single bed? Yup, still in it…yes I have a fan, but it aint no air-con)

My mind gets full of things, all relevant enough to me, but not particularly relevant to anything that actually matters!! Work is on my mind, a new job is a major ‘life navigation’ right?…Finding a place to live is on my mind, but until then, it’s not like I’m not living in a beautiful happy home – I am. I have 2 weddings coming up in the next month which I'm MC-ing - awesome job, no pressure...I love celebrating love, love is the only thing that matters in life – love for oneself and love for others…So many things in ones brain! NONE of which are life and death. None of which push me to my minds limit, my bodys limit, my hearts limit…nothing has me questioning whether or not I’d rather be more dead than alive (like Louis Zamperini had to seriously consider…)

This film last night blew my hair back…it reminded me why I want to get amongst humanity and travel! There are so many awesome, inspiring people doing incredible things daily that I haven’t yet met!!

It also made me prioritize ‘lifes dramas’ and so, without any amount of whinging outwardly (or quietly in my mind), I got up at 5am this morning and went to the gym to take care of myself. I also woke up with such gratitude for the life of ease I currently live...I mean...seriously!?

If a day ever arrives that I’m unable to eat for a month, that I’m being tortured and don’t know if I’m going to see my family again, if I’m ever pushed to working my body so hard for so long that it could kill me but it’s that or get shot on the spot…THEN I’ll consider feeling like I’m a bit hard done by, and that life is a bit tricky…Until then, thank GOD I’m living a life where a 5am wake-up call,  finding a house, not buying clothes, and saving money are my concerns! 

Quite frankly - PHEW. 

(If thats not the longest '5 stars movie review' I've ever seen then ssshhhhiiiiiiiiitt...!!)

Caro x



Posted: Friday 30 January 2015

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