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Give it up!

This last little while I’ve been thinking about what giving something up actually means, as well as asking myself why giving things up that in the grand scheme of life that really don’t matter, is so damn hard! Clothes for example is my ‘thing’ – until I have saved enough money to travel to where I want to in the world and have adventures that I’m assuming will far outweigh a new pair of jeans I want right now, I will save and not shop. Let me tell you, Christmas time and New Year’s was a bitch. All I wanted were some new pretty dresses to wear to this party and that…and yet I was left having to walk past the windows of shops on Ponsonby Road that I used to whore myself around in, not go in and not buy anything. It’s rough… It is an interesting feeling, as well as thought process, I mean I still had fun at the parties and obviously had a blast over my New Year’s break with my old clothes on, but you get my point…

Luckily I was able to scratch the shopping itch as I had briefed the folks in to not buying me anything for Christmas, but instead just pop a bit of dosh into my bank account…said dosh was used to buy a new Bikini (thanks Mum – Great Christmas Present!!) But still, with weddings coming up, a new job where I want to at least LOOK like I’ve got my shit together, a new outfit here and there would be a nice treat…it’s frustrating to have set these goals for myself when all I want right now is (insert anything from my favourite stores here) and yet I am so stoked I have! It has meant I have had to think outside the ‘shopping addiction box’ and borrow clothes off friends, wear outfits I’ve had for a while differently, I’m even considering parting with some of my clothes and doing a clothes swap…there are many ways to get something new (to me) without it costing me anything, and moving into 2015, that will be the way I go when I get bored with my existing wardrobe (I mean my friends are so stylish that I do have the best wardrobes to borrow from, that’s for sure!  I also realise I'm lucky to have my favourite brands loan me things I love...! It's a real treat.)

Clothes don’t matter either. I get it and I know it. Many humans in this thing called life go without necessities every day…safety, food, water, a place to live, love…THEY are the things that matter…those things that can make or break a life, not what we wear on our backs, and so when I ever start feeling a tad hard done by when I can’t shop, I mentally give myself an uppercut to the face and am so grateful for the Country I was born in, and the life I am blessed with.

I have friends who cut out sugar, and dairy from their diets, good for them! I have friends who cut out Alcohol. I have friends who sew and knit so they can make their own clothes (bloody good idea that…I must note that down!) There are so many things we can give up in life, and whatever the reason for why we choose to give up these things…more power to us!! To have the opportunity to have things to give up in the first place is a very lucky thing…

Next time you buy a dress or some jeans or whatever item of clothing it is…think of me…and for all of you who have given something up that I haven’t, I’ll think of you!

Sometimes saying no to something -whether it be a bad habit, another person, a situation we know won’t help us get the happiness we want…is a  good thing and a courageous thing! I’d rather be a person who chooses to give things up from time to time, and make choices so I can have the life I really want for now and for my future-and right now, that’s giving up shopping.

I have food, I have water, I have a roof over my head and I have people who love and care for me, and for that I am MORE that lucky!

Here’s to giving up things from time to time,

Caro x

Posted: Sunday 18 January 2015

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