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Happy New Year, coming from a loo near you...

So far, 2015 has quite literally given me the shits. Thanks Fiji water. A few days left of my summer bliss before real life kicks in (I start my new job and remember what it’s like to not be on holiday) and this happens…I get thirsty, I brush my teeth, I put ice in my drink (whatever it was) and I find myself needing to put some toilet paper on ice and with a lot of ‘time to read the latest Cleo magazine while sitting on the throne’…not the best way to end a wonderful holiday in Fiji but I did get to thinking about the positives of this rather shitty situation…

The start of a new year is THE best time for a clean out. I obviously didn’t expect my body to take this quite so literally but nonetheless, it followed suite and aligned itself with the other work I was doing in my life to get a clean slate for the start of 2015. Cheers body.

It also meant that no matter what choices I made regarding what I ate or drank for the last few days, it had no effect on me fitting my skinny jeans…how could it when it wouldn’t stay in my digestive system for longer than 10 minutes!? (This for a female around the festive season is quite a win!)

I feel very light now. Not only in my body, but also in my head. My thoughts are clear and I know the direction I want to take this year and that’s exciting. All that time on the loo gave me time to think…

After spending what I had saved so far for my Fashionistafail adventures to get home to Auckland, my determination to get my savings back up and on track for my (hopefully epic) travels later this year is at an all-time high. Having a new job will clearly help with this situation, as will the fact that I’m staying at my Dads for a little while longer (turns out I’m not too stressed about the ‘single bed situation’ anymore – I’m just very happy to have a peaceful place to lay my head and the opportunity to save a bit more money)

I am starting to dream up my travel locations and I will run them by you when I think I’m close to choosing them for sure.

Starting a new job is scary but I’m also excited about the challenge it will provide and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I want to do a good job, that’s my intention there.

With Fashionistafail? Well I need to continue to come up with ways where I don’t get entirely bored of my clothes…being in Auckland where everything is ‘new’ again (in that it’s new to my family and friends) is a good start – not that they actually care, but for me it’s a fun game coming up with new outfits. Also the fact that it's summer means that by the time winter rolls around, my winter clothes will be ‘new’ again to me too. Season win!

There are a lot of other things I want to do this year like buy an investment property, get more serious with my yoga, work closely with the brands I ambassador for, have more ‘quiet Caro time’ (ideally this will not be occurring on a toilet, but in a more relaxing, less taxing environment...!)

In many ways, I feel that in life, as well as with Fashionistafail, I’m starting again…and yes there are elements of that that are a tad frustrating, but with that also comes a new opportunity to do things BETTER and that is something I am stoked about.

I hope you all had a most fabulous start to your 2015 and that it didn’t involve sitting on a dunny in the tropics somewhere!

Here’s to smashing the shit out of this coming year…

Caro x

Posted: Friday 9 January 2015

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