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Yesterday as I was lying on my back getting (what felt like) my face scrapped off (I was, thanks to The Caci Clinic, gifted a Microdermabrasion Facial…it was incredible) I got to thinking that the feeling of going through something that is slightly uncomfortable for the greater good of whatever it be…a face, a life, a choice, really is worth it. 2014 taught me that.

At Christmas time I always get ‘reflective’ about the year that has occurred since last Christmas, and wowzers, this year has been a doozie for me. This time last year I was nursing a broken heart and not really sure what the rest of my life was doing either… Fun times (note the sarcasm.) Did I know I’d make the choice to move home? No. Did I know that I’d have an exciting opportunity to work with some of my favourite NZ brands just because I set myself a personal challenge to not shop? No. Did I know that time would heal a broken heart and actually open me up and remind me of what exactly it is I desire in that ‘heart area’ of my life? No. I could not have predicted the year that has occurred if you had asked me what my thoughts were this time last year about how it would all pan out. Now, if you asked me about what my next year might look like, although there are always major unknowns in any situation, I am happy to report that life feels like it’s on track and that the past year, although horridly uncomfortable at times, has moulded me and made me ready for whatever life has in store come 2015!

I know, after experiencing this year through the eyes of my nearest and dearest also, that it’s not been a particularly easy year for a lot of people…there seems to have been a lot of flux and change and upheaval and redirection required for many. Was it something in the stars!? Did it have to do with “The Universe”? Lord knows, but it’s safe to say, that whatever has occurred in 2014, good, bad or otherwise, will no doubt set us up to leap into 2015 with stronger hearts and goals and dreams…

Christmas time has always been one of the most magical times of my year. It excites me, it makes me nostalgic, it has me dreaming and it has me grateful for all the possibility life has to offer. I also like the fact that unwrapping Christmas presents teaches me patience, as I am THE most impatient person who hates surprises that you will ever meet!

I guess, my hope and intention for all of us fashionistafailers would be that no matter what our year this year has been…I hope we are walking out of it with a positivity and a gratitude that we are still alive and that we can bounce into our next year and dream BIG! Whatever your dream may be; Finish study, buy a house, fall in love, travel, work for a charity, get healthier, whatever…Life is bloody short, so I want to make sure I always remember the fact that no matter how shitty something may seem, I could be dead instead, and I know which one I’d prefer…the option of possibility.

Today, my reflection is shiny and smooth thanks to that amazing facial, and my reflection back on the year that was is also looking pretty good, and for that I am grateful.

To those of you who have blessed my 2014. Laughed with me, cried with me, and shared moments with me, THANK YOU – may we all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and laugh and love lots.

Santa be kind, even if we were a little naughty…

Caro x

Posted: Tuesday 23 December 2014

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