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Time Travel. It's a real thing.

I do believe that Emirates flight 406 from Melbourne to Auckland was in fact a time traveling machine. It has plonked me right back in my 10 year old life, while at the same time propelled me bang smack into a future I am in the middle of creating...(They really should charge more for their flights…I mean going back in time as well as forwards is a miracle…)

My first week started off with my Dad showing me upstairs to the/my spare room, which he had fixed up for me for while I figure out my 'next move', made space for me in the wardrobes, got lovely new bedding, etc and all I saw was a single bed, and not the care he had taken for me. I freaked. In my shock of being a 34 year old with a single bed (obviously I won’t be having any ‘sleepovers’ while I’m under my Fathers roof) I was a bit of a brat and something along these lines popped out of my mouth “Dad what have you done!? I can’t stay here!!! I’m not 10!!!” And that, my friends is the first time I lost the plot. I cried like a baby (which is suitable really, since I was acting like one…) And all of what I’ve been ignoring in terms of ‘emotion’ regarding my move home came out my eyes (and my nose if I’m to be honest…)

 I don’t like living my life from a place of fear, but there are obviously things I was and still am afraid of while stepping into this new phase of life, the unknown of it all I guess…Anyway, after my ‘moment’ I went and apologised to Dad for being an ungrateful so and so, and started to unpack…

Fast forward to the next day and I well and truly had my adult pants back on. I had amazing fun meetings with wonderful people talking about wonderful things (“things" being ‘opportunities’) I was asked to Ambassador a couple of amazing brands, try this, try that, put this on, tell us what you think…I was and am overwhelmed with gratitude and will now not have to worry about my face falling off as I have so much amazing make-up (Smashbox, I love you, seriously) and skin care (Neutrogena, Hydro Boost where have you been all my life?) That I will find it hard tearing myself away from my mirror, I’m in awe of what a couple of amazing products can do to hide tired eyes and highlight my cheekbones!

The opportunities that have offered themselves to me in the first 5 days of me being home have let me know that being here is the right thing for me.

I have been bumping into people I know every time I leave the house and there is something wonderfully familiar about that. I have seen new places to eat, drink, be merry, and what I was worried about in my move back home, that being that I may feel like Auckland is a bit small compared to a “Melbourne type place” is actually something that I love about it. I will never feel lonely here.

Adult Carolyn is ready to take on the world, has exciting career opportunities coming up, wonderful friends, and a City that although old, has a lot of ‘new’ to offer.

10 year old Carolyn can, if things during this changing phase of life get a bit tough, go home to her single bedded room, talk to her Dad, be made a hot chocolate and feel safe emotionally in the space that only family can offer, so really, I have the best of both worlds right now!

Win, win (I’m all for one of those)

Caro x

Posted: Sunday 7 December 2014

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