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Fashionistafail fail.

With all this ‘moving back home business’ top of mind, I feel like I’m failing a bit with fashionistafail – funny that.

I feel like I’ve dropped the ball and all I’m doing is the bare minimum. I feel like I haven’t even BEGUN to think about the travel part of my mission, which is the whole point. I feel like life stresses and my “to do” list from moment to moment have overtaken any long term goals I have, which are many.

Resigning from jobs, selling cars, cancelling insurance, paying final bills, organising packing, sorting living arrangements (or lack thereof) when I get home, Christmas, holidays, work...the list is endless. Nowhere in there have I found myself thinking “Oh, in 9 months from now I’ll be in *insert exotic location here* doing fun stuff.”

Moving is also expensive...remind me to stay put once I get back to New Zealand. Moving means I’ll have to start from scratch in regards to saving for my travels. Again. Spewing.

I understand that life requires us to sometimes take a few steps backwards to move forwards so we end up where we should be, but seriously!? My monetary frustration is at an all time high.

I know in 6 months from now I will be happy and calm and back at home in a slightly more stable routine, but until then I feel a little bit like I’m (in the words of Jon Bon Jovi) Living on a Prayer!

Fashionistafail is a commitment from me to change my life, it’s NOT a fashion blog, I just love clothes, so much so I got myself in trouble, and I guess right now, life is changing BIG time which I guess was the whole point of fashionistafail...I didn’t however, when I began this journey, factor in a trip home! I was thinking further abroad...

The funny thing is, if I take a step back and really LOOK at the last 5 years of my life, I’ve been living the life I say I want, but in one place overseas, not many. Moving to another country, even Australia, meant I left all I knew, the safety of home and friends and family and my career there, and jumped into a city where the population was 4 million and I knew 4 people. It was scary, at times I hated it, I felt alone and uncertain but I also felt more free than I ever had...I guess that’s what excites me about fashionistafail...If I learned so much and grew so much being 4 hours away from home in another country, imagine what I’ll experience when I begin to see the WORLD! We live, we die, and what we choose to do, and who we choose to BE in the interim is up to us, and I can honestly say (despite the current short term life stresses) that so far, no matter what has popped up to try and sway me from being happy and proud of myself and my choices, life is tracking very well!

Now, who wants to buy my car? AND, does anyone in Auckland have a spare room in a lovely house that I can rent?


Caro x

Posted: Wednesday 29 October 2014

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