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Shoes. That is all.

I have a shoe addiction. I have never really been one to spend a crap-load on shoes…like those ones with the red soles that all the famous people wear…Louboutins or something…don’t get me wrong, I respect the beauty of those kind of shoes, but I would rather spend that amount of money on 4 pairs, not just one. Yes, I’m a thrifty shopping addict. Clever.

Shoes are important. They are what we spend our life on. Quite literally. And what we walk on matters!

This time of year in Melbourne is known as the lead up to Spring Racing Carnival…everywhere I look there are shoes to buy, sexy shoes. My self-control has been tested on many an occasion. I’m going to Derby Day. The theme is black and white, and yes, I am lamenting the fact I can’t buy a new outfit and will have to make do with something I have…boring.

During Spring Racing Carnival, beauty really IS pain. Girls look like a million bucks walking into Flemington Racecourse, and walk out looking like they’ve had a hot rod shoved up their backsides, hobbling, limping, some having given up the high heel and glamour altogether and opting for bare feet…and although my love affair with shoes will be with me until I die…the reality vs. the romance is a bitch...

Any longer than 2 hours in high-heels and I’m a goner (I’m one of the “bare feet” girls), granted, that 2 hours only applies when I’m completely sober. If a little tipsy, the pain doesn’t really kick in as badly as it could until either later in the day, or worse, in the middle of the night when the pain in your feet actually wakes you up and you think someone is down the end of your bed trying to chainsaw your feet off just for fun. Men have got it so easy. So what if it’s a 30 degree day and they have to wear suits? It can’t be any worse than hot yoga. I’d take a bit of sweat over broken toes, whilst trying to look glamourous and sexy, any day of the week. Derby Day included.

Logic and fashion don’t go hand in hand during Spring Carnival season, and I am aware that all photos on Derby Day will have to be before 3pm so I look like I’m still standing upright, and can still feel my toes (Party Feet can only do so much, let’s be honest)…however, post Spring Carnival season, logic and fashion can go together, very well in fact. Which is why, not only have I included a few high heels I like on my Pin Up Board (see Fashion page) for Spring Racing or “just because” (I have justified many a shoe purchase in the past with the very valid argument of “just because”) I have also included some blimmin sexy flats that will take you from spring to summer in a flash…thanks to jam squared style...Perhaps not Spring Carnival appropriate, but certainly spring and summer appropriate!

High heels for short girls like me are seriously a gift from the fashion Gods…I guess with each gift, there is a slight curse, and when it comes to fashion, the majority of girls I know will deal with the excruciating pain of the high heel, just so we can feel glamorous for a little bit…after that we’ll just get so tipsy we don’t know what we are anymore…

Happy Spring Racing season ladies and gents.

Caro x

Posted: Monday 6 October 2014

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