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As the old saying goes: “what a difference a day makes…” and in Caro’s case….well over 60 days…and counting! I have monitored the progress of Caro’s journey and am very glad to say, she’s embraced the challenge and has gained some amazing insight along the way!

Insight number 1: All clothes are not created equal! There are just some classic brands and pieces that can be used and re-used and paired and put together to give great unique looks!

Insight number 2: Clothes do not maketh the WO-man….but they help!
Caro has found that there is so much more to her, and to the world, than worrying or stressing about looks and presentation. The disclaimer here is that- whilst the pressure to “BUY at ALL COSTS” has faded, Caro still espouses the need to feel good in what you’re wearing and often the brands that she’s choosing to wear are indeed the makers of reasonably priced, beautifully crafted, ‘FEEL-GREAT’ CLOTHES!

Insight number 3: Beware false prophets: Whilst there’s a number of benefits to social media and to ‘sharing’ an experience with the interested many, the flip side of ‘outing yourself publically’ is the grief that you get from insecure, insignificant, bored, boring bitchy types who use their computer and others’ journeys to stage their own personal RANT. Thankfully, for Caro there have been but a couple of these and out of several thousands of ‘likers’ and people who have publically and personally shared their POSITIVE thoughts about Fashionista Fail, that’s pretty good odds!!!

Insight number 4: The pen is mightier than the sword…..this may not have been true of the Game of Thrones series but Fashionista Fail has been a fantastic way for Caro to ‘write off her woes’- Literally! As a psychologist, I know how important it is for many people to create lists, to make notes or just to put their thoughts down logically to have more clarity in life!

 Insight number 5: Seize the moment…..Fashionista Fail was born out of necessity, vision and consideration of the big picture. However, fear, insecurity and doubt can hinder people from sharing or realising their dreams. Well done Caro for embarking on this mission, because we all need to heal or work on ourselves before we are really much use to anyone else!

Sara x

Posted: Wednesday 10 September 2014

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