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Falling in and Flying out - NZFW 2014

It’s been over a week since my last confession.

I was in Auckland the weekend just gone for New Zealand Fashion Week and to say I felt like a ‘fish out of water’ (or to use a more event specific comparison, a 'model who eats carbs') would be an accurate description of my experience starting the moment my feet hit the ground!

I quite literally fell into New Zealand.

I was just through customs, so close to the being able to hug the person picking me up on the other side of the door that divides countries from other countries (perhaps that’s why I fell, too much excitement..) and I slipped, landed on all fours and was so shocked at my inability to stand up straight and ‘walk’ that I turned to the people behind me (whilst still sitting on the floor) and gave them permission to laugh just so I could be relieved by a bit of comedy (even if it be at my own expense.) I’m OK at being embarrassed, but let me tell you it did make me nervous as to whether or not I had just set a precedent for the 5 days ahead…”Oh hi, I’m Carolyn Taylor (trying to be trendy as I’m here for Fashion Week don’t you know?) Lovely to see you” *PLONK*

The 5 days were amazing, hilarious, and all round exceptional.

NZFW was an experience and a half. Fashion ‘people’ from all over the world were there to admire, judge, buy, stock, blog, sell, be seen and just BE with fashion and they were all very professional and glamourous about it. Me? I was there as a test. To test my willpower, to stand right in front (and by that I mean sit ‘front row’ – thank you Amber Peebles) of the thing I love most that has up until this moment in time, been a passion of mine in life, and not be allowed to go and purchase what it was that I loved post show!  In the beginning I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope, but let me tell you, by the end of the weekend I was proud of my form. Beautiful material on beautiful people is, well, beautiful – no doubt about it – as beautiful perhaps as, oh, I don’t know – a walk along moon lit streets in Paris one fine evening? It would appear that in the last 60 days (as that’s been how long I have currently abstained from shopping) I have really settled into my decision to give up want I want now for what I want most, and I’m fine with it. Um, can anyone say ‘personal growth?’ – Win!

What I wasn’t fine with was this: All the people NOT from New Zealand but who were there for Fashion Week 2014, travel the world FOR fashion. It became very clear to me that I have done something wrong in this process of saving and not shopping so I could travel and missed out a step or 5 (much like what happens when you fall over yourself at the airport – there is no good result…) HOW on earth have these amazing people managed to get into a job that allows them - in fact DEMANDS them - to wear something new every damn day, while traveling the world and being in amazing places on the planet whilst looking amazing?! The answer is yet to come to me…as I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion blogger OR a travel blogger, I’m just a person who is writing about a challenge I have set myself, but in doing that I have committed to NOT shop for a year so I have time to save to travel…it seems quite counterproductive when it was very obvious to me that there are little fashionistas world-wide doing BOTH at the same time!? Hmmm…I have no outcome for this conundrum right this second, but leave it with me…

I guess my overall experience could be summed up like this: I fell in and I flew out.

I fell in love with New Zealand fashion all over again, had an amazing time with gracious and generous friends, I was able to reconnect with NZ media, MC an event for Smashbox Cosmetics, I got to wear beautiful clothes lent to me by Moochi (yes I gave them back), feel just a little more glam than I do in my ‘normal life’ and I flew out feeling so grateful for the opportunity!

Overall, this particular blog isn’t all about the beautiful clothes I was able to eat up with my eyes while I was at home…it’s about the internal experience that occurred while I was perving at them, and THAT my friends, is worth more (and cheaper than) a new dress!


Caro x

Posted: Tuesday 2 September 2014

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