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There is something I haven’t told you.  It’s the REAL reason I have committed to fashionistafail for the next year.

Yes, the basic reason is that  I need to stop shopping so I can save enough money to get out of the Southern Hemisphere as I have spent my whole life “Down Under” and I need to see the world, but I haven’t been transparent as to why seeing the world is so important to me. It's not the old Churches, it's not the beautiful beaches, it's not the new food - I mean don't get me wrong, that is all VERY exciting, BUT...

I love human beings, every human being is so special and so important…I want to connect with as many human beings from as many walks of life as I possibly can while I am on this planet. I want to go to the far reaches of the world, and make all the corners of the world just that little bit more filled with love than they were before I got there. How that occurs, I have no plan yet. I’m one person, I don’t believe I can change the world, but I do believe that each person in this world has the opportunity to leave every place they spend their time and every person they come in contact with, a little better, a little more positive, and a little more inspired…

My dream would be to have the world connected with love, and not hate. BIG call I know, and I have no idea if that is even possible with the state of the world as it is…But I care about it. A lot. (I’ve seen the movie ‘Pay it Forward’ and I truly believe that one person, with the support of others can encourage great change – I mean look at the Ice Bucket Challenge for example!! That started with an idea from one guy, and now it’s supported around the WORLD.)

My friends from work, life, school, any friend I have will attest to the fact that I talk to strangers all the time (much to their embarrassment – my friends that is, not the strangers.) I talk to strangers in the lift on the way to work…I say “Good morning” to them and that I hope they have a great day, I talk to the lady at the Checkout in the Supermarket, seriously, if I could, I would high-five everyone I walk past on the street. I’d most likely get called ‘crazy’ but to I’d worry about that after.

I haven’t said that this is my “mission” as it’s such a large statement to make. I want to be a citizen of the world…I want my (one day) children to know how lucky they are to live in a part of the world that has food, water, all the simple things that we take for granted on an hourly basis…I want them away from the computer and out in the world having little adventures of their own.

I don’t want my priorities to be as small as "getting over 30 likes” on a social media post, I mean seriously, some days, the things I find myself thinking about and valuing as important make me want to punch myself in the head! I want what I care about to matter, and I wish for as many people as I come in contact with in this thing we call life, to be HAPPY…whatever happiness looks like to them.

Fashionistafail is NOT just me showing you what I’m wearing each day for shits and giggles – it’s to show you I’m not buying anything new and that the purpose behind that is big, and really matters to me. I’m not trying to be a fashion expert or a fashion model, what I’m doing, is realising that my passion for beautiful clothes has, for years, overridden an even bigger passion of mine – people. There are precious people everywhere, and I want to meet them, to hear their stories, to see what their lives look like, to learn what they are passionate about, to laugh with them as laughter is the universal language we all share no matter what language we speak – and to have experiences that enrich my life and others, no matter what clothes are on my back.

I don’t mean to sound “Miss Universe” on it, but there you go. THAT is my long term goal with fashionistafail. Yes it’s a big goal, yes there are logistics I must consider…yes I want to film it ALL and have it be my life’s work, how? I have NO clue, but there it is.

Welcome to my dream.

Any dream starts with a vision, and that is my vision. How I make this dream a reality…? Well, one step at a time. Step one being to have the money to go on at least ONE trip next year…the rest will follow…

Have a great week, dreaming big dreams, but not only that, DOING something to make those dreams come true.

Caro x

Posted: Saturday 23 August 2014

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