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40 Days and 40 Nights.

Disclaimer: The title of this blog is slightly misleading, day 40 of my fashionistafail journey is actually tomorrow, but ‘39’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I’ve done a bit of research into this ‘blogging business’ and it would appear that a common thing to do is a ‘recap’ from time to time. So consider this, that.

I could start out by introducing myself saying “Hi, I’m Carolyn Taylor and it’s been 41 days since my last shopping binge…” but by now you know the story and so I’ll cut to the chase. The first 40 days have been a whirlwind.  Some days have been awesome, some, not so much.

Things I have noticed:

  • So far, I don’t actually miss shopping. I never shopped for “need” and so I guess now that I have switched my focus to something more important than new clothes, it’s meant that new clothes really haven’t been on my mind. Yet. Ask me in another couple of months and I could be clawing the walls and wanting to shop like a mad woman.
  • Once you really make a choice for you and your life and call it into action, circumstances, people, and opportunities just turn up out of thin air to help you along – THIS has been a most magical thing to discover!
  • People care, there are awesome people everywhere.
  • Some people are arseholes. Magical? Not so much. I was always bought up to know that if I had nothing nice to say, to not say a thing. Some people must not have had the opportunity to have wonderful parents who taught them simple manners like I did. These people seem to spend their time on social media being, well, arseholes.
  • I still have no idea where I will travel.
  • It’s “day 40” tomorrow and I have still not worn the same outfit twice. I must confess I am getting some questions about this…my workmates who are just hilarious, and following what I’m up to, come to my desk and I get the whole “OMG Carolyn!!! I can’t believe I am still seeing new outfits!” To which I respond with a bit of embarrassment attached…”Um, yeah it’s kind of why I’m DOING this whole thing…(PS – They are also very obliging when I con them into helping me take pics for #outfitoftheday – thanks guys)
  • I am overwhelmed. Committing to this whole not shopping for a year thing has bought about so much opportunity (If I’d known how it would affect my life I would have done it sooner!) Writing a column in CLEO Magazine, heading back to New Zealand for Fashion Week to do a bit of work at the end of this month, conversations with people I admire and respect for what they do, whether that be fashion designers or media or blogging experts, dear friends,  or those saving for their own adventures, that I would never have had the opportunity to have if I had not started…
  • My mind has been in overdrive these last 39 days and to be honest I’m sure that’s partly why on Friday last week I found myself checking into the hospital and getting ‘probed’ because I’ve been having really bad tummy issues! Apparently I “keep all my feelings in my tummy”…and clearly, I’ve been having lots lately. I’ve been feeling so excited, so happy, so unsure, so judged, so hopeful, so ridiculous…and all of those feelings were allegedly having a little party in my gut. I’ve told them the party is over and it’s time to go home. Here’s hoping they listened…

I was having a conversation with a darling friend of mine the other day and she said to me “Carolyn, I love what you are doing…you are living with your skin inside out” (at the time I thought it sounded a bit gross) but upon thinking about it, and understanding her wise (yet weird) choice of words, I get it. Being so open and honest about ones dreams and goals and feelings is basically letting anyone and everyone see all of me. Inside out. I have a fear about that, but more so, I feel care and support and so on THAT note, I just want to say THANK YOU for joining me on this little adventure.

Caro x



Posted: Monday 11 August 2014

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