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Home Is Where The Heart Is. Fact.

So. Hi. This is the first time since coming back from New Zealand (aka “HOME”) that I have had to sit down with a cup of hot lemon and water and ‘reflect’ on the trip that was. (Yes I’m trying to be healthy currently, hence the choice of drink…usually it would be a wine at this time of day.)

Like most trips home, I was expecting it to be busy, full of people I love and care about, some meetings about thrown in for good measure and an underlying element of stress about the fact that there is never enough time to see everyone, and so you promise yourself that ‘next time I must add a couple of extra days to this trip’ – forgetting in that moment that you actually have no more annual leave until Christmas…I digress... apologies…

I was accurate in my expectations. To a point. Yes it was an amazing trip home. Yes I had some successful meetings with great outcomes (Monthly column in CLEO and a photo shoot for Moochi, yay!) and yes I saw and spent time with some very special people. I also got gifted a whole lot more…

I was gifted the opportunity to really see the ‘circle of life’ in only a few days. *Disclaimer, this may get a tad emo*

I spent Saturday morning with my Father unwrapping my Grandparents “things” that had been wrapped up and put in storage after they both passed away because it was in the “too hard basket” to do at the time – “Things” both him and I had not seen for years that had been in their home when I was a little person running around causing trouble with my sister and my cousins…yes there were tears. Both mine and my Dads. It’s amazing how much “stuff” my Nana had collected, and in that moment, I was so glad she had been a shopper (I now know where I get it from!) as I was able to learn more about her by touching and holding those things that while she was on the earth, mattered to her. The woman clearly had a thing for ‘thimbles’!? That experience was a whole other level of being home. It connected me to my heritage and for that I am grateful. Family is everything to me.

I attended (and threw my 2-cents-worth in when required) a wedding dress fitting for one of my dearest friends…a very exciting moment in any girls life. Knowing her ‘pre’ the love of her life, and seeing how her life is going with the right man beside her. Well it was inspiring.

I had some wonderful people help and guide and offer advice on this whole ‘fashionistafail thing’ (goodness me there are wonderful people everywhere!) and I had the opportunity to wear clothes for a shoot with Moochi that I would never have gone near ordinarily, as it would have been too hard for me to resist buying them! (I highly recommend heading in there...gorgeous...I wanted to steal them all but didn't fancy spending the short time I was home, in Jail...I've had a close call with the law recently and didn't want a repeat.)

Dinner was cooked for me, fires were lit and I was left with feeling like nothing was missing from my life and that although I dream of seeing the world, home will always be home, and I will always end up right where I left off. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz had it nailed when she said “there’s no place like home” - I totes agree. It doesn’t mean however that I will ignore the world any longer…The weekend also reminded me that LIFE.IS.SHORT. I don’t want to live a life where I put things in the “do later basket”. No point. We are here and then we are gone. What we choose to do with our time is up to us.

It was a weekend of reconnecting with what matters most. A weekend with a reminder that loved ones are not always with us and that the death of loved ones is heartbreakingly inevitable, an up and coming wedding of a loved one…and, no births that I’m aware of…I KNEW something was missing!

I was able to wear beautiful clothes, talk and spend time with beautiful people, appreciate again the value of life, and remind myself why fashionistafail is important to me. I want a rich life, a life full of experiences, and for me, that is being out IN the world, and sharing smiles with the world - which is the whole point of THIS!

Enjoy life this week my friends. And in the words of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Titanic, “Make each day count.”

Over and out – that’s enough “cheese” for one sitting…and enough stolen movie quotes!

Caro x

Posted: Wednesday 30 July 2014

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