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I am a ‘talker’. Even made a career out of it (for those of you who don’t know me, I was a Television Presenter in New Zealand for over a decade, even had a stint on radio because talking came so naturally to me).

I’m not ‘a talker’ about everything by any means; in fact I pride myself on my word, in all but one area of my life. What area? (You may ask)….”In my quest to see the world” (I would answer.) I say I want to travel, get amongst this big wide world and in some way touch the lives of those I meet, as well as enrich my own, and yet, here I sit. Literally. At my dining room table. This very second.

What has stopped me from traveling the world? Well I can spin off any number of excuses, it’s a well-practiced, well used, response.

I don’t want to travel alone, I can’t leave my career right now, I’ve been waiting to win Lotto, waiting to meet my very own Christian Grey who would obviously just say “Hey babe, my private jet is yours. Go where you want.” (Or of course he could come with me and we would not only travel the world together, but have a 50 Shades type ‘romance’ along the way….) Just waiting, waiting, waiting.

During this waiting I have been very busy doing something else. SHOPPING. Spending money, over and above what I actually had, on, would you believe it, CLOTHES.  Now whilst I could hold clothing responsible for my current predicament, due to their sexy nature and allure, I must confess, it’s not the clothing’s fault. It’s mine.

There I said it. My dirty little secret is “out”. It feels kind of like that nightmare we all have of being on the stage, in front of a judgmental audience…NAKED.

While I have been talking about how I want to enhance the experience of LIFE by seeing the world, all I have actually been doing is enhancing my closet. Does it bring me happiness? Sure it does (first time I wear it at least…) It sure doesn't when I think that, over the last decade I could have travelled the world multiple times on the amount of cash I have ‘invested’ in fabric. It’s so “first world” it makes me ill. I mean who really cares about not wearing the same thing twice in one week? Turns out, subconsciously, I did. Why? I won’t even begin to go there just yet…this journey we are embarking on together is a long term thing, so we don’t have to rush…however, right now, it brings me to THIS:

The whole point of - COMMITMENT. To stop talking s***, and just start DOING.

I am petrified; I’m not going to lie. But within the next year, I COMMIT to traveling to a land far away for 3 weeks minimum (land TBC, see “Travel section” of the site) and to do that - because I’m not rich, bugger it - it means, that…

I WILL NOT BUY CLOTHES FOR A YEAR. There. I said it. (I’m hyperventilating right now…)

For anyone thinking this is an anti-clothing concept: NOT SO!!! This blog celebrates fashion, as much I have been doing for the past 13 years…what I haven’t been doing however is choosing and buying responsibly - and every action has a consequence. The consequence for me being this; whilst this severe course of action is ‘my bad’ due to irresponsible fashion blowouts, I still encourage all fashionistafail-ers to keep an eye out on my favourite fashion brands that we will showcase on this site and…buy…but responsibly!

This is quite possibly the hardest New Year’s (and by that I mean July 2014) Resolution I have ever set myself.
 One year SAVING with no retail therapy, I’m hoping this blog will be therapy in itself, minus the retail.

Here we go...

Carolyn x

Posted: Tuesday 1 July 2014

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