Carolyn Taylor is a “Jack of all trades”….. and was even involved in a show titled just that! As one of the recognisable faces from the children’s show “What Now”, Carolyn is still remembered as the ‘bubbly blonde’ who jumped out of planes, interviewed world famous celebrities, ate snails and got regularly ‘gunged’, all in the name of good fun and informative TV for New Zealand children!  After 13 years in media in NZ, Carolyn decided to change location and career and was involved in the sales and media side of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne. Carolyn's progress from children’s TV personality to adult media business woman left her with a very big and somewhat impressive wardrobe...but not a lot of money for other things, including travel!

So therein lay the CHALLENGE….could Caro beat her clothing addiction and stop her shopaholic tendencies for one year and SAVE?…something that is often enigmatic and unobtainable for most of us!

Caro finished her challenge in style....made her travel dreams come true and met her husband along the way!

More to come from Caro who will be involved with the new Cycling show, on your screens soon.


Psychologist Sara Chatwin helps individuals, families, businesses and sports people.

With 20 years experience in the field, Sara has developed skills as a motivator, life skills manager, stress buster, mind coach and mentor. She has also assisted with family and child counselling, sports psychology, media commentary, image consultancy and more. 

Sara has been used for expert psychological input on Breakfast TV, Newshub, Seven Sharp and other TV shows. She regularly contributes to magazines, print and online media such as

While Sara runs a busy practice in Auckland, she was thrilled to offer moral and professional support to Caro throughout her one year commitment to curb her excessive retail "craving!"

Now that the challenge has ended psychologist Sara is still on hand to help with anything else life has to offer! Check out her stuff on



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